What the Dinosaurs Did at School out now!

Our follow-up to What the Dinosaurs Did at School has finally invaded bookstores everywhere and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you.

After conquering the home, the dinosaurs have set out in search of a new adventure. They've stowed away in your backpack and followed you to school!

No room is safe as they make their way from the art room to the library, from the janitor's closet to the science lab—even exploring the ventilation shafts.

Can you catch them before your teacher finds out and locks them in the dreaded DRAWER OF NO RETURN? Toys that go in there are never seen again...

What the Dinosaurs Did at School features the full cast of Dinovember dinosaurs on their worst behavior. Get your kids excited for the upcoming school year and remind them that school can be a place of imagination and exploration.

What the Dinosaurs Did at School is available anywhere books are sold, or you can purchase using these links: